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Welcome to Shareware Etcetera, your source for Shareware and Freeware  programs. Our reviewers have painstakingly examined thousands of shareware titles. We have everything from the latest Internet tools to cool 3D games and fun trendy screensavers. The buttons to the left are the master categories, which will get you started on your search for the particular shareware that you're looking for.

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Registering: Shareware programs may typically be used free of charge for a limited period of time. After that time, you should consider registering the shareware program.

Disclaimer: Program descriptions and information have been submitted by the respective program authors and their authorized agents, and not by the staff of SharewareEtc. You should always take care when downloading any software to your computer. We recommend that you run virus and adware/spyware protection software to enhance your security. Click here for more information on protecting your computer.

Shareware Users: Why browse SharewareEtc; why not go somewhere else? We've designed the site to be very easy to use. Each shareware title is presented in the summary listings with a short description and screenshot. We taken care to inspect most of the titles for quality, in the hopes of maintaining a high standard of software quality.

Shareware Authors: We're always looking for good shareware to list. Click the "submit" button to the left to submit your shareware titles. We pride ourselves on hosting a diverse selection of unique shareware programs.

What is Shareware? Okay, so you're a newbie; that's fine as we're here to help. :) Shareware is a method of distributing software that you get to try out the program before you purchase it. For example, you see a Newsreader that looks like something you might need, but you're not sure. Just download it and try it out first. Most shareware has some sort of "nag" that will entice you to pay for the software. Commonly this is a time-limit. For example you may be limited to only using the software for 30 days without paying. Generally the enticements are designed to allow you to use most of a programs functionality, but at the same time to encourage you to pay for the software. Shareware is a great system for selling and distributing software, much better than commercial "on the shelf" software that you have to pay for up front, might not do what you want, and is generally not returnable. Shareware puts you in charge -- you evaluate the software and decide if it is worthy of you paying for it.

Contacting us: You can reach the shareware etcetera staff via email at sharewareetc@sharewareetc.com.